A few advantages linked to the use of our technologies.

Environment :

  • Fresh water consumption used for dilution is reduced. The conservation of this resource is becoming more and more important for the environment.
  • Less chemically enriched water is dumped in the sewer system and eventually in nature.
  • Substantial savings in energy are made.

Health :

  • Disinfection by-products cause skin irritation, lung irritation and eye irritation. By reducing the level of chloramines, the bather’s comfort is improved.
  • Swimmers and lifeguards are less exposed to trihalomthanes (THM). Being exposed to those gazes has long-term negative effects on health.


  • Fresh water consumption used for dilution is reduced.
  • Since less fresh water is used for dilution, less energy is used to heat it.
  • Chlorine consumption is significantly reduced because fewer impurities return into the pool after filtration.The impurities that are now being retained by the filters because of the procedure of flocculation-coagulation do not need to be oxidized and disinfected. Up to 60% of chlorine can be saved.
  • Because less chlorine is used, less agents used for pH correction (often acid) are also used.
  • The use of our technologies for water treatment eliminates the need for shock treatments.
  • The diminution of chloramines prevents corrosion of the building.
  • The running costs for operating the pool can be reduced by 40%.