To improve water quality for swimming pools and spas, we offer the
following solutions (can be used separately or in combination)

Filtration optimization with existing system

Technology used: enhanced flocculation/coagulation

Flocculation/coagulation is a procedure that allows small impurities to agglomerate to form a "floc"

that can be retained by the filters. Our advanced technology creates a fast and efficient

flocculation/coagulation process without blocking the filters or penetrating the filter media

(channeling) even while using fast filtration speeds, which is normally the case with pools in

North America.


Additional oxidation

Technology used: Combination of chlorine/modified chlorine dioxide (without formation

of chlorites and chlorates)

By using our procedure, chlorine dioxide is formed in the pool water from the free chlorine

without formation of chlorites and chlorates. A small concentration of chlorine dioxide

(0,2ppm) in the pool water combined with chlorine allows fast oxidation of microorganisms and

organic particles with reduced formation of chloramines and trihalomethanes (THM).